I’m back behind my keyboard. My girls are both napping, Im listening to and watching the rain falling outside, and I have a cup of hot, fresh coffee. Aaahh, simple bliss. The only problem is, I don’t know what to write about today. I’m not trying to force myself to write by writing another post today. I know I said I wanted to write more, but it’s just unrealistic to say I’ll write something every single day. Also, when I do write – it may not always be a super long post. Maybe it’ll be short sometimes. Either way, as long as I am writing more than I have been, that’s good enough for me.

I love when the weather’s like this. Sure, it’s cold, but it’s so soothing to me. I love when it’s raining so hard that you can hear it all throughout your house, no matter what room you’re in. I love when the sky is so overcast and dull that it’s dark in the middle of the afternoon and you have to turn a light on to see anything. Maybe that’s just the brooding, depressive, emo person in me but whatever. Rain has always calmed me down. Whether I’m watching it, hearing it, or actually being outside in it. I love walking in the rain; I don’t care to use an umbrella most times, I don’t wait inside the grocery store until the rain passes over, and I don’t power walk.

Another thing I love is early morning thunder. I love thunderstorms whenever and wherever they are, but waking up to the rumbling of thunder when I’m still sleepy and the room is still dark or just starting to get light is perfect. There’s something so pleasing and just… enticing about that to me. It’s made even better when I can cuddle up to my wife and we can take in the dark, stormy atmosphere together.

The combination of coffee, rain, thunder, and the company of someone I love is perfect to me. My wife just walked in the door from work, so all I’m missing now is the thunder. Even without that thunder, I’m absolutely content.