Why is it that sometimes coffee makes me tired? I drink coffee in the morning after the two-child sleep routine to wake me up or whenever else I need a pick-me-up. Sometimes it helps; I feel leveled out and ready to face whatever the day has for me. Sometimes, though, like just now, I’ll drink some coffee and when I’m done, I’m ready for a nap.

I’ve found that it takes two (or sometimes more) cups of coffee to really get me going. This was most evident yesterday when I finished three (well, two and half, really) sizable cups of coffee within two/three hours. I felt as good after three cups as a lot of other people feel after one. I’ve experimented, too. I’ve gone days without touching coffee to see if, when I do drink it again, my brain will go apeshit and I’ll be all perky. The only thing I really gain from a day without coffee though is a wicked withdrawal headache.

I do still feel better after my morning coffee, but I’d say that it’s kind of a 50/50 balance nowadays between feeling like I’m ready to storm the gates of Valhalla vs. wanting to just lay down literally anywhere and fall asleep.

Does anybody else experience this? How have you/do you get through it? It’s relatively new; this hasn’t always happened. I’ve been drinking coffee ever since I could remember so it’s not like my body is just now getting used to it. Thoughts?