I wish I could draw. Like really. It’s one of the many things I’ve always wished I was good at. But whenever I put pen or pencil to paper, my artistic ability is just nonexistent. I’ve tried to practice through the years, but that just isn’t my strong point. I guess it’s a good thing that I’m creative in other ways!

It especially sucks now because I’ve been working on this new writing project for a while now. I have this whole cool idea (well, I think it’s cool) for a new story, and after talking things over with Courtney, we decided it would be pretty cool to turn it into a graphic novel. I’m not ready to reveal any details about this project yet, but I just feel like it would be awesome with the visual aspects of a graphic novel. I have all these ideas in my head of exactly how my characters look and it would be hard for someone else to draw them the specific way I want them. If I could just draw, I could have everything mapped out so perfectly and just how I created it in my head. I could leave this project in book form but just the way the plot is, I think a graphic novel is the right approach to it. It would also be fun for me to take on something new, a new challenge.

Here we are though, the fact remains that I cannot draw. This project may have to be a benchwarmer for a bit until I decide how to execute my idea the way I really want to.

Are there any other writers out there who cannot draw but have felt the need to? How have you worked around these hiccups? Let me know!