Do you guys ever drive by an old (or new, it doesn’t really matter) house on the side of the road and think oh hey, that’s a nice house? Of course you do – everyone does.

I might be weird for thinking this, but do you ever drive by a house on the side of the road and wonder what darkness it holds? Call me weird, call me morbid, I can’t help it… but sometimes I’ll drive by a house that looks so normal, so quaint, serene, etc. on the outside and I’ll think to myself I wonder if any gruesome crimes took place in there. I wonder if there was a double homicide or if anyone was hacked up in their kitchen. I also find myself wondering what kind of energy is in said houses. Whether there’s some dark entity dwelling there, haunting, terrorizing, or otherwise watching over the people who live there. Of course, it’s easier to think these things about older, more worn down homes. But I have these thoughts about new homes, too.

Am I the only one who thinks about this stuff? I can’t be, right? There has to be someone else who wonders who was murdered in that gorgeous red brick, two-story-with-a-built-in-garage home on the corner of whatever street. If I truly am the only one then I’m prepared to live with that. Maybe it’s one of the reasons I’m a writer; I can find darkness in the innocent.