Some of you are going to make fun of me for this post. Some of you are going to think I’m full of shit. Some of you are going to think I’m just losing it. In any case, I don’t care. This is something I’ve been dealing with for a long time and still deal with to this day.

Everyone has different opinions when it comes to the paranormal; some people think it’s all BS and they don’t believe in it. Some people believe the stories of others without having any personal experiences. Some people, myself and Courtney included, are very sensitive to the paranormal and experience it on a sometimes daily basis. The reason I’m choosing to write about this now is because there’s been a lot of activity for us lately. More activity in a shorter span than ever before. I’m going to try and keep things chronological with this but there’s a lot I want to talk about — if I begin to ramble a bit, I apologize.

When I was a kid living in Wales I don’t really remember having any of my own experiences. There were, of course, playground rumors of caretakers who had died and stuck around to haunt the school, etc. At every school dance, the same story would circulate and I’m sure all of you heard something similar when you were in elementary school, too. If someone had to go to the bathroom they wouldn’t dare go alone because someone made sure to announce that the bathrooms (or the hallway directly outside the bathrooms) were vastly haunted. This would make people go to the bathroom in groups, or not go at all. Anyways, this was, to my best knowledge at the time, just kids playing around. Fast forward several years when I moved to Connecticut with my family. I was twelve years old when I first started hearing, seeing, and feeling the paranormal. The house we lived in on South Kent Road was pretty close to a graveyard. I never got any kind of feelings when walking by the graveyard itself, but I know there was activity there and within a big enough radius that I was effected in my own house.

My bedroom was at the front of the house, and I recall three specific things happening. They would happen most nights without fail. Being young, I didn’t really know how to react. Two of these things weren’t negative, but one sure as hell was. Let me start with the not-so-negative instances.

  1. Most nights, I could hear the kitchen drawers and cabinets opening and closing as though someone were down there searching for something (my sister can vouch for this as she told me at the time that she would hear it, too). Nobody was up. My parents, my sister, and I were all in our own bedrooms with doors closed. Nobody was downstairs, yet night after night I would hear drawers opening and closing. Sometimes louder than others, but always audible nonetheless.
  2. The next thing that I believe only I experienced was something outside my bedroom. Like I said, my bedroom was at the front of the house and therefore overlooked the driveway. This didn’t happen every night but it was often enough to keep my awake and wondering. Some nights I would hear what sounded like a car drive up the lane outside my house, pull in to my driveway, turn around, then drive off the other way. I would hear the car’s engine fade off into the night then there was about 20 seconds of silence before it would happen again, and again, and again. It was as though a car was doing laps up and down the lane, using my driveway as a turn around spot. The first time I heard it, I thought maybe someone was lost. But then it kept on happening. Each night I heard it, it would last for about an hour or two. At first I would peek out of my blinds to see if I could see anything. Of course, when I was observing there was nothing. No cars, no turning around, no sound, nothing but a dark, deserted road. Everything was pretty normal except for a mist hovering over the ditch across the street. No matter what the weather conditions were; the nights that I heard this “car,” there would be, without fail, a mist lingering across the street. At first this did freak me out. But it never seemed to get any worse and I didn’t feel as though I was in any danger or that I was going to be harmed at all.
  3. Okay, this is the negative one. In my room, just next to my window was a door. It led to a little crawl space. I think you know where I’m going with this. At first, everything was fine. But after maybe a year of living there, things began happening. At first it was just little scratching noises. I debunked this and wrote it off as just rodents or something. But then the scratching got stronger, as though a dog or cat was trying to get out of the crawl space. This kept me up a lot. Aside from the scratching there was a very negative feeling. This was my first time truly feeling the paranormal. And oh, boy did I feel it. Sometimes whispering would accompany the negative feeling. I couldn’t make out the words as it was all incoherent and muffled. I could definitely hear whispering though. It wasn’t coming from anywhere else in the house (I checked on several occasions), it was coming from right behind the door. This happened frequently until we moved from CT to Georgia. Like I said, it was my first time experiencing anything like this so I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t tell anybody or try to investigate. I just let it happen and lost a lot of sleep.

We moved to Georgia in 2004 and I thought being out of that house meant that everything would be okay. I was wrong. At first, nothing happened and everything seemed fine. In this house, my dad and I had our instruments set up in in the basement; my drums, his guitars, amp, etc. and we would often play music together down there. I noticed after a while though that the same negative feeling I had experienced in my old bedroom was now present in the basement. I only felt it when I was down there alone, though. Whether I was playing my drums or working out, there was this unwelcoming feeling. There was a lot of negatively-charged energy, the kind that makes your hair stand on end. In addition to this, I also starting feeling things. It started out as though someone was watching me. It put me really on edge. I ignored it at first. Whatever it was that was watching me mustn’t have liked that as soon after, I began feeling breaths on the back of my neck and I began feeling snagging on my clothing or something momentarily brushing against me. This was it, though, for the most part. A lot of the negative energy seemed to be confined to the basement. I did hear certain things such as footsteps coming from downstairs at night. We had hardwood floors in our dining room and it sounded as though someone was pacing across that room. That was a neutral kind of thing, no threat was felt. I learned to live with all this and as with in my old house, I kept my mouth shut. The basement and the footsteps were all I really experienced. That would soon change, though.

When Courtney and I first started dating, after I’d been to California and returned, she moved to Georgia to be with me. While we were saving up for a place of our own, we both stayed at my parent’s house. This is when shit really started to get intense. You guys may not believe in this or may not have experienced this personally, but believe me when I say (and pardon my French) but, this stuff is not a fucking joke. I’m not exaggerating anything or trying to get a rise out of anyone. The things I type here are as they happened. Courtney will vouch for me here. A lot of stuff happened. A lot of what happened was negative.

*** Side note: as I’m writing about my paranormal experiences, I look up from my screen just in time to see a pan fly off of the counter (where it’s been sitting for a while, untouched, unmoved) and land in the middle of the kitchen floor.


Anyways, back to what I was saying. When Courtney moved into the house, there was a lot going on. My sister was about to get married so we had a lot of family over from Wales staying with us. That being the case, the downstairs office became my bedroom for a while. All night every night I would now hear a lot of activity coming from the basement. A lot of footsteps, movement, everything. I remember one night, everybody was in bed and me and Courtney stayed down in the living room, watching TV. We heard what sounded like someone breaking into the basement. The alarm was on and it didn’t go off. We saw nothing out of the windows, on the porch, on the deck, in the garden, nothing. It sounded as though someone had very easily gained access to the basement and was desperately rummaging around. We also heard a male voice. We sat there, very afraid. The negative feeling was all around us. We both sat in silence until finally everything died down. We decided to go to bed after checking that every door and window was locked. The next morning, I asked everyone if they had heard anything through the night – they had not. I went downstairs to look around and everything was in its place. The door and windows were all closed and locked. It was as though nothing had happened down here.

There were a lot more experiences like this. Negative ones as well as some neutral ones. There were so many that Courtney as I started a journal to record everything we witnessed. One night, we heard loud slamming coming from downstairs (we were upstairs at the time). We quietly made our way on to the landing and waited. We could see shadows moving downstairs, we could hear footsteps and more slamming. We very slowly and silently made our way downstairs. We investigated the area and didn’t notice too much other than my dog’s water bowl that had been spilled and moved across the room (nobody else was downstairs). Courtney took a picture on her phone just as a kind of record of the event. When we looked at the picture, we noticed a face peering in from outside the patio door. It looked like a dog mostly. Our dog Sam was most definitely upstairs in my parents room, though. As well as this, we heard and felt a lot of terrifying things. We heard voices, conversations among people who weren’t (or shouldn’t have been) there. We SAW figures and shadows. There was a full-length mirror in my parents’ guest room and Courtney often saw dark figures in it, often child-sized figures. The basement was still the most negative place in the house and I had started to go down there less and less. This negative energy had taken over the front room of the house, too, as well as the hallway outside the downstairs bathroom. As soon as Courtney or I were in any of those negative spaces, we would be overcome with a sense of fear, paranoia, and gloom. We would feel something peering right at us, reaching for us. It was not a good situation.

One weekend in the fall, we rented a cabin in Blue Ridge. Courtney and I had our own room, and my parents, grandparents, and sister and brother-in-law all had their own rooms. One night while I was asleep, Courtney was jolted awake by something violently tugging on her hair. She tried screaming to wake me up but said that no sound would come out. She was rendered speechless and could not move. She had to quietly sit and have this all happen to her, alone. I felt terrible that I was not awake but whatever was at my parents’ house had followed us to the cabin. Similarly, we visited Courtney’s parents back in California that winter. One night, I was jolted awake. I was being grabbed. I was being pulled from the bed. I awoke to the sensation of a vice grip on my leg. I was hanging off the bed, out of breath, panicked, and shouting for Courtney. Luckily I was able to vocalize my screams. She woke up and as she did, the grip loosened and I was very confusedly kneeling on the bedroom floor. These were our most violent, personal attacks to date.

These experiences and encounters didn’t stop when we moved out. Sure, things got less intense for a while but we still had plenty going on. The worst seem to come after Helena was born. Something has been with us the entire time that she has. Since she was very young, Helena, Courtney, and I have all woken up to scratches on our skin. Not scratches like we had an itch or an irritating bug bite, but deliberate, long, deep scratches. We sometimes compared them to the kind of scratches a cat would leave. These scratches continued even until after we had Lily, then the four of us would get scratched through the night. We also experienced a lot of tension and energy in our home. It was so thick you could’ve choked on it. The energy was, at first, so bad that it would cause extreme fluctuations in our mood. We would be tired beyond reason, irritable, have a sense of gloom, and just be completely uneasy in our own home. This has all always been accompanied by loud voices and various sounds coming from every room. If we were in the bedroom, we would often hear somebody sit down on our couch in the other room. We’d also hear what sounded like somebody shuffling around in the kitchen. More recently, whatever is with us, likes to now hang out in our bedroom. There is an area in our bedroom outside the closet that, at night time, has a dark energy to it, and Courtney and I have even seen shadows and black misty figures in that area as well as experienced extremely cool temperatures. On a few occasions we have seen full-bodied apparitions. This all still happens to this day. Last week, I got the worst feeling when I was in the bedroom standing by the closet. It still hasn’t gone away. Whenever I stand there, I can feel it. There’s been times where it’s been warm outside yet freezing cold inside our home. The other day when it was in the 80s, I contemplated turning the heat on because we were all freezing.

One of the most terrifying moments for us, though, was when Helena was still a baby. This happened before she could walk and there was absolutely no reasonable explanation for it. Let me start by saying Helena never once escaped from her crib. She could never climb in and out by herself. If she wanted out of her crib, she would cry until Courtney or myself went and got her out. Anyways. One night, Helena was in her crib, asleep. We were watching TV in the other room. Helena made a noise, as she did from time to time in her sleep, so I went to check on her. When I peered in over the crib, Helena wasn’t in there. I started to panic but quickly looked around and found her on the other side of the room, standing in the corner, wide-eyed and silent. I tried talking to her but she would not answer me. The energy in the room was at an all time high. Like I said, Helena had never gotten out of her crib by herself. Even when we tried to show her how, she wanted none of it. She never tried to climb out after this incident, either. If this was Helena’s first escape, there would have been a lot more noise and she would have either started crying as she hit the ground, or she would have tried opening the door, or both. The way she was just standing there in the corner… someone had taken Helena out of her crib. You can be a skeptic, that’s fine. You can call me an idiot, that’s fine. But you’ll never convince me that this fact is untrue. Or any of this, actually. We have already tried debunking everything that we can. Some smaller things we have been able to dismiss, but a lot of what has been happening and continues to happen just has no explanation.

This encounter shook us so much that we contacted a local paranormal investigation team. They came by one night after it was dark and we told them everything that had been going on. We left the house so they could get to work. They called us back a few hours later and confirmed that something is indeed in here. They provided us with holy water, sage, and other instructions on how to stay safe and keep ourselves free from harm. They helped us rationalize and dismiss a few things, but they confirmed that we’re not alone here. One of the things they witnessed was the presence of a dog. We found this to contradict what we thought as we thought there was a cat making its presence known with the scratches and things constantly being pushed from on top of our fridge. On a few occasions, we even experienced the aroma of cat urine, even though no cats have never been in our home.

Helena and Lily have both seemed to encounter things, too. Just the other day, Lily went into the bathroom by herself and was talking to somebody in there. I wasn’t home at the time but Courtney said Lily told someone to stop pushing her and immediately came out of the room looking rattled. Helena has also had conversations with whoever is in here and has, at times, been distracted from what she was doing and shot glances into what would normally be thin air. Her eyes have moved around the room like she’s been watching somebody engaged in some kind of activity.

Our encounters have seemed to fluctuate in activity. We’ve gone long periods of time with no activity, then it will start up again. It has recently been happening way more often and has been getting more intense. Things moving, presences around us, figures, negative energy, everything is happening all at once.

Again, if you think all of this is bullshit, that’s fine, I really don’t care. I know all of it to be true and so does Courtney. I just wanted to write about my experiences lately and see if any of you can relate. I have a lot more that I could write about. Like I said, we have a journal full of encounters. Anyways. Let me know what kinds of encounters you guys have had.